Welcome to Supernannas of the World.


We are all Supernannas in our own ways. Our mothers were mostly Nannas too but something happened between their generation and ours - yep, New Age Nannas would be another term. Darned technology and education - cars, good education enabling many entries into the workforce in some capacity, and digital technology - wow - that's a big one. never has social communication been so available. As for travel - the world can be our oysters! Yes, this is full of wild generalisations!

But hang on - with all this we are enabled to care for four generations - our parents, our own generation, our children and our grandchildren. Many spend a heap of time with the Grandies, it's good. Many have to spend time - Grandies' parents are financially pushed and working heaps. We still largely fufill much of the domestics, we may also be working, we still learn and enjoy keeping up to date and when we can, we probably travel in some manner. OOOps - I forgot we are beginning the knee replacement, stent, artificial hip, cataract, hearing impairment era and more. We ache with the beginnings of arthritis but pretend we are 50. Many of our partners have not quite caught up with the modern man psyche and spend a fair amount of time unaware of what runs real life.

In Summary - we are EXHAUSTED! A lot of the exhaustion is self induced basically because we indulge in the stuff below. Maybe you can identify with the above. In the meantime, take a break and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.