July 20, 2017



Please remember that this account is my personal experience only and that the procedure varies with each individual and their surgeon.


This a good news day. But I will leave that for a bit. First, my stash.

Why we do things when events are before us I will never know. "Things" include stuff like cleaning out the fridge, doing the washing, replying to emails that are way overdue, and in this case, gathering a stash of CD recordings with visual and audio reference for Cochlea rehabilitation despite the fact that there is already a heap of material out there. Am I wasting my time? Time will tell but I have to do it!


First (after the fridge) - oops no CD player any more and certainly nothing portable. I found a cheapy that seems to be acceptable - not for sound buffs but I'll give it a go. $69AU is not too bad. 


Second - find audio books that have a readable book word for word. Yes, there some and a trip to the local library produced a few - they sound OK - i.e. I can hear them. I tried to find some with English as well as American accents.


Three - looking forward to this one. We have just the best grand kiddies and their parents are fab too. I have asked them to read some nursery rhymes - have sent them a hard copy to print and the recording app I use. Should be fun if they don't giggle heaps. The idea here is to take the advice of starting simply.


"I am going to ask everyone to record your reading of the nursery rhymes below. I will do this on iPad. For this you will need to download the free ap on your iPad. You simply then send it by email or Dropbox. This will save me interrupting everyone at inconvenient times. But I need everyones voices. Your help will be hugely appreciated."


The app I am using on my iPad is:

Voice Record Pro by Dayana Networks Ltd After some reserach this seems quite good for people to use and a tad more sophisticated than my iPad recorder. Also Apple Watch friendly. I bet a heap of you have better ideas!!!


I am thinking to myself that I know their voices and children should be included. Of course this will be supplemented with "live people" reading passages of stuff from hard copy as advised in literature.



Am I relieved! Day 1 - the  anesthetist went to some trouble to ensure I was not ill all over him after an explanation of previous experiences and woke well indeed. The surgeon was very pleased with his work but I am even more pleased - barely any giddiness, no sore jaw or neck and Panadol is quite sufficient. Don't know how he managed that but he did it well. Thank you all so much - fab experience so far. 


Am wearing a haut couture covering for 1 night only and in hospital for one night only. Incision is apparently already watertight and can wash my hair etc. Conservative me will leave the hair for a day or two.




Today I took the surgeons advice and walked - a tad too cold for the incision area on a winter's day in Australia but will fix that tomorrow with a proper beanie.


PS - don't forget your toothbrush. I did.


Will follow up in a few days.



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