A Hearing Impaired View of a Day at the Writers' Festival, Sydney

May 26, 2017

Well, I guess I should have know by now. How on earth was I going to hear any of the talks? The day and bookings were kindly arranged by a friend for a small group - ouch, her hard work and I had to give up. But I am now used to this scenario and am unperturbed by these glitches. I look forward to a cochlear implant and then maybe a day at the Writers' Festival next year will be fantastic.


But I am super lucky - I love my photography and so out with the camera on the superb walk around the Rocks to get to Walsh Bay, the major site for the Festival. The camera did its work on the way. It did its work also at Walsh Bay and then again as I capitulated and enjoyed the walk back, through the Rocks again and a quick peep in the Modern Art Museum to see a work by Fiona Foley.


SUMMARY: a fab day at the Writers' Festival! Downloaded some of the books which I began reading on the way home - YES!


My view of a perfect day with friends and a fab part of Sydney.



The day began in a superb way walking from Circular Quay around Sydney Harbour to Walsh Bay. Then to Pier2/3 for the first talk. No good can't hear.


Go outside and watch the fishermen - WHAM - a good sized King fish appeared!


Next session. the same despite the best efforts of Ros Packer Theatre with hearing loop and headphones - off with the camera.


NOTE: for those of us with this problem, hearing ability most often depends on the diction of the speaker, microphones and background noise - not necessarily the volume.




Walsh Bay would have to be one of the best places in Sydney to hold the major part of the Festival and it is hugely well attended.

























If I had been inside I would have missed the landing of this large Kingfish by a very happy fisherman.





The sun was perfect for this tired writer or attendee!






 These gals were making the very best of the Festival.



 On the way back to the Quay, a wander through the Rocks did not go astray and I suspect these are part of the Vivid Festival - not to be missed at night.




Found this stunning work by Fiona Foley at The museum of Contemporary Art at the Quay. I could have been listening to talks and would have missed this!




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